Faraway Battery


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released February 16, 2011

Sarah Elena Palmer - vox/guitar/synth/lyrics

Jordan Glenn- drums

Noah Phillips - guitar/bass

Recorded and mixed by The Norman Conquest www.thenormanconquest.net

lyrics by Sarah Elena Palmer | music by EFFT efftforever.com

mastered by Myles Boisen www.mylesboisen.com



all rights reserved


EFFT San Francisco


  • Oct 17
    San Francisco, CA

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Track Name: Sailboat
Your lying teeth float below
I dive into my sailboat
which floats backwards into rising sun
It may be electric when I’m done

Hundreds of dial tones
Where you try to lay your tongue
Like a pirate on the radio
You come ashore to
find me sinking

(Ending Vamp)

Backwards I walked
When south turned dark
and leaves crumbled down
upon my crown
Spreading apart
Piercing a cloud
The point of a V
The eyes fluttering.....
Track Name: Sister's Bet
her little fingers, with twine they saw

the rough rider wading
through a chasm of blood

keeping his head dry
above a freezing steed

in the corner of his mouth
a dry cured philosophy

jacks and dice her fingers tossed
hearts, diamonds, pick up sticks,
she said a prayer and pursed her lips

but the marbles
say he’ll drown
Track Name: Haas
guitars, academic wars, waged and pedaled on
a flute was heard through sunken bricks and portico

chalk was spent wherever brain river went skipping
small Ohio, big Texas, Birmingham

compositions without fashion sense or cutlery
a timeless game of coin toss for the sake of Bartok revelry

long winded violets, Mighty Handfuls
with trombones, with hi-hats, with projected code

female dreams paraded through morning Jericho
formulas for, closets of, percussive noise construct

they took our names, they took our grades, they took our skirts
stravelvet underdressed rites of western seamstress
Track Name: Overworld
The knot of shreds
one inch apart
The darkness
fits in a spoon
Cradle sky to my chest
early slipping sky...
early slipping sky

The tourniquet of scenery
Arrow voice breaks room glass
Slit through throaty frequency
Features stumble off my face
Features stumble off my face

Levers to the Overworld
Windows withhold the world (etc.)
Track Name: The Audience
dust off
the books and the tv
in this recording
the audience wrote genesis
with dirty fists
through windows clean
one can never guess
one can never divine
in friction, our low lit speech keeps knees deep in two

suddenly, we have a party
the punch is bled from chance
winding swiveling rotating door to our party

dust off from cassettes
tolerate this memory
billboard promises can't touch
psychic pop ups

I understood where he was coming from
I understood where to go when coming from there
I understood how to stand and stare at the coming and going
I understood that we must be here